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How Cool We Inherently Are

Some Historical, Even Ancient, Writings Have The Sort of Familiarity With This That Many People I’ve Spoken with, Could Have Used!

A list of the ways in which Hyperthymic Personality Disorder is like a diluted version of a full-blown manic episode, just as chronic depression is like a diluted version of a depressive episode

Why Everyday People Having More Everyday Savvy About Us Would Help Everyone Who Could Be Greatly Affected By Us, Which Is Everybody

Understanding Those of Us Who Are Within the American Norm

Recognizing the Signs of This Is So Easy that You Could Benefit a Lot of People, Including Yourself, By Doing This

The Most Unambiguous Sign, Getting Agitated about Something Minor by Going Hysterical for a Few Seconds to a Few Minutes and Then Suddenly Spontaneously Snapping Out of It

Recognizing Someone Being Hell-Bent on Following Bohemian Ideals, Even When This Is Clearly Very Self-Defeating

All the Signs that OJ Simpson is One of Us, That This Is the Reason for His Extreme Crimes of Passion, and the Public Won’t Feel So Much Resentment Toward Him If He Just Came Out and Said So,            Especially Since Christian Forgiveness Flows So Freely, and He Could Even Get Some Appreciation of the Sort that Donny and Marie Osmond are Now Getting for Going Public

Answering Someone’s Biggest Question by Recognizing a Hyperthymic Chaotic Lifestyle, Very Similar to Someone Being Hell-Bent on Bohemianism

Not Blaming Oneself for Consistently Being Attracted to People Who Cause the Sort of Problems That Hyperthymics Tend to Cause, When One Is Simply Attracted to Hyperthymics’ Charisma Intelligence and Creativity




Other Charismatic Celebrities Who Come Across as Hyperthymic, and/or Have Come Out Publicly as Having Mood Disorders

How the Antinomic Attitude of Modern Psychology Would Accept Too Much of the Willful Dysfunctionality That Hyperthymics Tend to Have, and Which Could Leave Them Horribly Dissatisfied In The Long Run

The Suicide of an Avid Bohemian

Sincere Optimistic Delusions That, As Usual, Look Selfish But Are Actually Self~Defeating, Along with a Story out of My Own Life,     in which Many Thought that Such Recklessness was Just Slightly Excessively Normal Human Imperfection that We’d All Better Just Accept as Such

Though the American Norms May Tell Us that a Lot of Quasi-Sociopathic Behavior Is Normal Or Slightly Excessively Normal Human Imperfection, These Same Norms Actually Create a Good Deal of Depression, Anxiety Disorders, Etc.



Different Ways In Which Hyperthymic Personality Disorder Could Look Slightly Excessively Normal, Including a List of Family Pointers to Bipolar Disorder, Which Are Also Symptoms of the Bipolar Spectrum.

A Quote From an Authoritative Medical Book From 1953, Similarities and Differences with Sociopathy which attempts to demonstrate the differences between the more aggressive manifestations of Hyperthymic Personality Disorder, and sociopathy, though this ends up making clear just how similar the consequences of both could be!

That Entire Chapter Is Here

Character Traits of Hyperthymics that Explain Why So Many Hyperthymics are Alcoholics and Other Addicts

Why Those With Biological Differences In Their Brains That Aren’t Bad Enough to Let Them Plead Not Guilty By Reason of Insanity,             Could Still Have Such Distorted Perceptions That Their Motivations Could Be Completely Incomprehensible to Most People, But Savvy People Could Recognize these Idiosyncrasies, Intuitively

As Can Be Seen In the Addictive Personality, Such Impulsivity That Could Look Like It’s Merely “Just the Way that Some People Are,” Could Be Very Destructive, Even Deadly.

Ideas on How to Optimize a Hyperthymic Personality, Including Handling The Problems Resulting from One’s Own Hyperthymic Personality Disorder, Which Might Be Harder than It Seems, Since HPD Comes With a Big Ego, and Our Pro-Freedom and Realistic Cultural Norms Say to Excuse Such Things.



















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